PSX comes by default with a set of controllers which help you to generate documentation or other data based on the defined APIs. The following chapter explains all available controllers. To setup such a controller you have to add a route entry.


PSX provides a controller which can generate automatically a documentation for the defined APIs. The controller provides only an API which can be used by any client to display a documentation for end-users. You can use i.e. evid ( which is a html/javascript app which uses the API to provide a clean API documentation. With evid it is also very easy to customize the documentation for your own needs by i.e. providing custom pages or change the style according to your needs.

GET /doc                PSX\Framework\Controller\Tool\DocumentationController::doIndex
GET /doc/:version/*path PSX\Framework\Controller\Tool\DocumentationController::doDetail


Generates a Swagger resource listing and definition.

GET /swagger/:version/*path PSX\Framework\Controller\Generator\SwaggerController


Generates a RAML representation for the given API.

GET /raml/:version/*path PSX\Framework\Controller\Generator\RamlController


Provides an API to publish all available API paths.

GET /routing PSX\Framework\Controller\Tool\RoutingController